About Rachael

DSCN0722Rachael has an unrelenting passion for food. She used to suffer from many health problems related to the standard American diet. With determination, and a bit of luck, she discovered the healing properties of food through eating clean, real food. Through years of diligent researching, she’s managed to distill wisdom from some of the world’s leading food and nutrition experts. As such, she has become an expert in clean, real food preparation.

Her first memory of cooking was stirring cake batter with her grandmother at age two. To this day she still cooks in a traditional way, with time, patience, and passion. Her old fashioned cooking style, mixed with a deep knowledge of organic farm fresh cuisine, means you can really taste the love. Just like grandma used to make….. Nope. Even better!

Written by Patrick Costello


  • graduated from Johnson and Wales University baking and pastry program
  • owned and operated Cafe Kandelicious
  • is an active participate in many of Rhode Islands’ local farmers markets
  • assistant baker at 729/Hope Street Cafe and Catering Collaborative