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Nutrient Dense Salad Dressing

I stopped eating store bought salad dressing as soon as I started following the WAPF standards for nutrition. I read the labels on the back of the bottles and was only a little shocked at the amount of unnecessary ingredients. MSG is in many of them, organic ones still had corn, canola or vegetable oils, ingredients for preservation and more. Those ingredients did not sit well with me.

I started making fresh salad dressing. Not only is it more delicious than store bought, its super nutritious too. Fortifying my dressing with freshly ground spices, chopped herbs and veggies, raw vinegar, and cold or expeller pressed oils. Stay away from anything that is refined. Most oils in the market have been treated with heat, which destroys the enzymes. Look carefully for oils which have not been refined (heat treated). I find that unrefined sunflower oil gives most dressings a lovely flavor.

Try this recipe on a garden salad. You won regret it!

Coconut Sunflower Dressing

1/2 cup raw coconut vinegar
1/2 cup unrefined, expeller pressed sunflower oil
2 cloves organic garlic
2 stems organic parsley
1 organic shallot (1/2 organic red or yellow onion)
Fresh ground black peppercorn and Celtic sea salt to taste

Chop garlic, shallot or onion and parsley very finely. Pour vinegar in small bowl. Slowly pour oil in a stream while whisking until all oil has been incorporated. Add the remaining ingredients and serve over any type of raw garden salad.

For those who want to purchase my homemade nutrient dense salad dressings, I will have them in my web store soon! Along with other nutrient dense foods to supplement your home cooking.

Happy eating!

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